Tax solutions

we help you to fill your income taxes to the relevant authorities.we help you do the paper work right


Credits when you need them.We help you access small time business loans and credits

web designs

We design for you a website from scratch which would be custom made to suit your business needs


If its your car, home or health insurance,we got you covered in every bit of the way and our partners are very responsive


Accurate translations of Documents ,verbal translations and phone translations on the go

Customer Review

Here is a few reviews from our esteemed customers who have been satisfied with our services and we know we are small now but hope to get bigger with more exposure in the nearest future

de Marco Massimo

I have always trusted Smart key Consulting KLG with all my tax related issues in Switzerland as correctly filling tax can be complicated for me and they handle this well and on time

Luisa Guida

As a Portuguese Migrant to Switzerland i don't speak Deutsch and to read my letters correctly i employ the services of smart key consulting klg to translate all my documents as google translate is not always correct .Even when i have important calls from the authorities i schedule an appointment with Virginia and she speaks on my behalf and relays the message back to me to act accordingly.They were also helpful in registering my new company here in Switzerland

Christopher Brown

I love the friendly atmosphere at Smart key consulting.When i was starting my new business i needed a website that would not break my account which is difficult to find in Switzerland .I got my website ready in One week from the date of payment.I would say Simon is fantastic.