How to Move to Switzerland

Do you desire to move to the neutral country Switzerland? Switzerland is a country with four languages, extensive history, and plenty to discover. While a beautiful country, Switzerland is notorious as a difficult country to move to, and there are many things to consider before moving. This article will offer some guidance and advice.

Part1. Making Your Decision

1.  Determine your motivations for moving. Are you trying to get a better job? To get a better lifestyle? To get a better education? To escape from unhappiness at home? Understand your motives, and evaluate alternatives to see whether moving to Switzerland is the best option.

2.  Write down all the reasons you want to move to Switzerland.

For example:

•Switzerland is famous for its beautiful mountains. The temperate climate in Switzerland, varying from glacial mountaintops to pleasant Mediterranean climate at the southern tip. Summers tend to be warm and humid, with periodic rainfall, so they are ideal for pastures and grazing.
The Greater Zürich Area, which has 1.5 million inhabitants and 150,000 companies, has taken top position in some life quality surveys.

•Switzerland has one of the most stable economies in the world. The Swiss franc remains one of the world’s strongest currencies with the lowest inflation rate.

•Switzerland remains very open to foreigners and has a diverse population. Resident foreigners and temporary foreign workers make up about 22% of the population.[1]

•Religious freedom: Switzerland has no official state religion. Christianity is the predominant religion of Switzerland, divided between the Catholic Church (41.8% of the population) and various Protestant denominations (35.3%). Islam (4.3%) and Eastern Orthodoxy (1.8%) are sizable minority religions.[2] Greeley (2003) found that 27% of Swiss are atheists.[3]
Switzerland is particularly suited for skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering, which are enjoyed by both locals and tourists.


3.  Research Switzerland. Check out books from your local library or bookstore, search the internet, ask around people who have been to Switzerland or know about the country. Be familiar with the country’s cultures, traditions, laws, religions, cost of living, climate, language, transportation, etc.

4.  Make your decision. Moving to another country is a big decision in your life, so be sure to take your time and consult with your friends and loved ones. You must be absolutely convinced that moving to Switzerland is better than staying where you are, and that it is the best country for you to move to.


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